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Medical Marijuana In Florida Legislature Survives Committees

Medical Marijuana In Florida Legislature Survives Committees
Medical Marijuana In Florida Legislature Survives Committees

They have been informed about the good and the bad of Medical Marijuana in the committees and it has passed. There are two bills of Medical Marijuana in the legislature, one in the House and the other in the Senate. They are both wanting to use the Charlotte's Web version of the plant which utilizes CDB and not the use of THC which is what you get high from. The CDB can be made into an oil and fed to the patient orally rather than by smoking. The goal is that this form of Marijuana will help all those kids with epilepsy and the seizures that they have to endure. It has been shown that the seizures can decrease from say 300 a day to 3 a week.

The main difference between both bills is that the House bill also has a million dollars allotted for research. The problem is that because it is not backed by Federal funds most colleges won't touch the study. The idea is that since the government is now letting the University of Arizona do a study on the effect of Medical Marijuana in the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder, that the feeling is now a college in Florida will be able to do one also.

One of the biggest gripes out of anyone in Tallahassee is that this will open the door to a total legalization of Marijuana in the state of Florida, as it is in Colorado.

The bills still have to make it to the floor to be voted on. Now what is also helpful for the State of Florida is that Attorney John Morgan has been successful in getting an amendment attached to the ballot in November for Medical Marijuana to be voted on by the people. Currently polls are showing that to be a no brainer as numbers are in the 70 percentile for approval by the people.

I feel that Medical Marijuana will be passed but it will not be openly given to the public. The future of outright legalization after the example of Colorado has been looked at and dissected is that it will probably be legal in the next 5 to 10 years in the State of Florida. Time will tell. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to