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Medical Marijuana And John Morgan

Medical Marijuana And John Morgan
Medical Marijuana And John Morgan

Last night Attorney John Morgan sat down with some young Republicans and answered some questions about medical marijuana. Questions like Why? Then questions about what would God think about all this and your push for Medical Marijuana in the State of Florida?

To the first question why should we have it, because his father had cancer, he self medicated, and it helped him get through the chemo and nausea. As to the what would God think, he simply stated that he put it here so I guess he wants us to use it.

You see what is happening here in Florida is that for so long we thought that marijuana was only good for getting high. Funny thing about 30 plus years ago our country knew it was good for other things and even put a patent on it - Number 6630507. We have known all along that it had qualities that could be used for good. We also had government agencies that were afraid that if we knew this that we as citizens would push for it and that would hurt the pharmaceutical companies as well as the government agencies. They might go out of business.

John Morgan has seen through the red tape and knows from his own experience that it helps people deal with diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, and glaucoma. It helps in other ways as well. The University of Arizona has just been given permission to look at Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in veterans.

Morgan has targeted a group called Generation Jones. They are the youngest of the baby boomers and they tend to be pro marijuana. They have smoked it, seen it, and had to deal with it most of their lives. They don't think marijuana is all that bad. Our President falls into the Jonser's and he has spoken his mind on the subject and doesn't see pot as that big of a deal.

The ideas have changed. The stigma of that bad weed is falling apart. The time has come when it will eventually be legalized but in the mean time it has to go through stages, and the first stage is for the medical marijuana legislation to be passed so that millions of people can be helped. This will happen in Florida no matter what, come election day when it will be passed by a large majority of Floridians voting yes. Thanks to John Morgan it will become a reality in Florida. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to