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Medical billing software

It has a variety of labels - from medical billing software to practice management to claims software - but all serve the ultimate purpose of getting you paid for your clinical and medical services.

Differences in features have led to the scope of the software labels.  For example, practice management software offers more than just billing but also boasts features such as radiology and laboratory test result entry, electronic medical record storage, and other such advanced functions. Some software programs that began as simple billing packages have evolved into much more.

Small to medium physician offices or clinics can choose from many medical software programs that are reasonably priced. Small clinics that do not provide ancillary services such as x-rays will be best served focusing on the billing features of a software program. Medisoft offers a stand-alone product called Just Claims strictly for claim creation, and similarly EZ Claim offers basic billing functions.  Multi-physician practices may need to consider more costly software because of the need for different features, such as the ability to handle several physicians and multiple users.

Below is a listing of some of the more popular medical billing and practice management software programs, including ones for occupational medicine as noted. Click on each for more information.  If you have any questions contact me at

AltaPoint -

EZ Claim - 

Lytec -

Medical Manager - 

Medisoft -

QuickPractice -

Occupational Medicine Software

Occupational Health Manager (OHM) -

Systoc -