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Medicaid Expansion poll doesn’t ask the right questions and shows bias

Bad survey equals inaccurate representation of NH voters

As reported today by WMUR (questionable why they would even report this poll), New England College conducted a telephone poll regarding Medicaid Expansion in New Hampshire recently. If you look at the polling questions, they aren’t exactly wording the questions in a way that truly describes Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion. Because the wording of the questions weren't exactly honest, it shows bias as well.

Here is the first question:

Among the issues being debated at the state capital in Concord includes the expansion of health insurance for low‐income families through Medicaid. Do you think the state of New Hampshire should increase the eligibility for Medicaid to families with incomes up to $32,000 per year?

Of course, this question neglects to identify the Medicaid Expansion as being Obamacare. According to UNH polls, the majority of Granite Staters disapprove of Obamacare and always have. It also neglects to add that the majority of people who would be eligible already pay for their own health insurance and that they’d be turned into dependents of the government (aka taxpayers) whereas currently they are independent of the government. It would be truly interesting to see responses to both of these questions.

Another question from the poll:

The Governor and a bipartisan group of state senators are supporting a plan to extend private insurance to low‐income NH residents, without passing the costs of coverage on to businesses. The costs will be covered by federal funds. Up to 50,000 NH citizens will be able to access medical coverage through this plan, which will be debated in March.

Do you favor adoption of this bi‐partisan effort to extend medical insurance coverage to low income NH citizens without increasing the cost to NH businesses?

Again this question neglects to mention the people who already pay for their own private health insurance. It also pushes the false premise that New Hampshire citizens don’t already have access to medical coverage – they do. The question also doesn’t mention that the federal funds are only provided for three years and that no legislator has come up with a plan on how to pay for it when the federal funds begin to dry up. Of course, the question doesn’t bother asking if people believe that once the federal funds dry up does anyone really think politicians will end the program as the bill calls for. What is also doesn’t mention is that New Hampshire taxpayers are the people who are paying for this program (anyone who pays federal taxes). The cost of Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion is through federal funds paid for by federal income taxpayers.

The breakdown of registered voters isn’t available in the survey that was posted. It neglects to include if the voters were randomly selected from across the state; the numbers of Democrats, Unenrolled and Republicans; the age ranges or even the gender ratios. This author has contacted Dr. Tafoya, Director of the Poll (of Reading, MA – apparently a progressive due to his Twitter handle @progressiveman) at New England College to get this information but as of publishing time there has been no response to these questions. When a response is received, this article will be updated.

This is another poll that serves no purpose because it doesn’t ask the questions in a way the voters understand the true depth of the issue. Of course people want to help those less fortunate but this poll never explains that Granite Staters already spend $1.4 billion per year to indeed help those less fortunate through the existing Medicaid program. It appears Dr. Tafoya knew the poll would generate specific answers to his questions as asked – which shows bias. He didn’t ask the right questions nor did he fully explain what Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion entails. If a pollster wants accurate results, they should be asking accurate questions.

UPDATE: Makeup of voters below after an inquiry. It still doesn't change the questions but at least they were polling voters from across the state.

#1 - Were voters selected randomly from across the state?
Yes. Our lists include registered voters from the whole state.

#2 - What is the makeup of the Registered voters - Democrats, Independents and Republicans?

Democrat 223 29%
Republican 217 28%
Unenrolled 319 41%
Another Party 5 1%
Unsure 10 1%
Total 774 100%

#3 - What are the age ranges of those surveyed?
We did not ask about age in this particular poll.

#4 - What are the female to male ratios?
53% women 47% men for the poll.

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