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Media tries to downplay the opposition of Physicians to Health Care reform Bill

Protests against Health Care Reform Bill
Protests against Health Care Reform Bill
A/P Alex Brandon

The past weekend was a defining moment for groups of physicians who gathered at 24 cities across the nation in a grassroots movement (Million Med March) in opposition to the terrible Health Care Reform bill being crammed down the throats of the American public while Barack Obama incoherently comments that he is pleased by the progress. I personally was interviewed by channel 6, channel 7, and the Miami Herald who all declined to run any of my comments or solutions to the health care crisis. Nevertheless I would be happy to meet with any news organizations interested in hearing solutions as opposed to clichés and rhetoric. However I am pleased that the Miami Herald did clearly portray our (Doctor's) opposition to the health care bill. I guess the censorship took place at the core or some of these TV broadcasts to suppress the physician's side of these issues and constructive solutions to health care reform that don't involve a government takeover. People need to remember that the AMA does not represent doctors. Only 18% of doctors belong to the AMA. The dean of Harvard medical school gave the health care reform bill an "F" grade (possibly for "F…'d up").
Channel 7 spent a total of 5 seconds on the Miami protest of the "Million Med March", saying that doctors gathered to voice their views on the Health Care reform issue. They didn't even mention what views doctors were voicing, nor that our group is opposed to the Health Care Reform bill. But what else would you expect from such liberal journalism. The media needs to wake up to the fact that over 50% of Americans are against the Reform Bill being proposed.
The health care reform bill barely squeaked by with 60 all partisan democrat votes some of which needed to be bought. Apparently the Louisiana vote cost $300 million in Medicaid benefits for just one vote. This must anger the other blue dog democrats who probably sold out for a lot less. Perhaps behind close door skirmishes will occur over the split of the taxpayer loot similar to the bickering of Somali pirates after the payment of a multimillion dollar ransom. And the taxpayer ransom money is great $849 billion dollars (not to mention the additional rip off of Medicare benefits-seniors beware!). Corruption is rife in the Senate and House of Representatives. Partisan democratic sessions are being held at night behind closed doors at the exclusion of the Republicans constituents. Don't forget that this was the same "do nothing congress" that was chastised for accomplishing nothing during the second half of the Bush administration. They were declared the worst congress in 24 years. Like a sleeper cell they came alive during the Obama dictatorship in a spending frenzy designed to line their pockets with gold and drive America into bankruptcy and socialism. Obama despite being socialist (and close friends with known communists), decided to campaign on a democrat platform where his chances for election would be better. I must admit that this was a well orchestrated plan to dupe the American public with the hope of "change" without them knowing what this "change" would entail. Weary with the war on terror, Americans were seeking a new redeemer. But did Americans know that "change" meant enormous multibillion dollar bailouts, over 10 % unemployment, quadrupling the deficit, dangerous Global pacifistic policy weakening America, taxing energy and corporate profit to "spread the wealth around", an economy killing cap and trade bill, government takeover of private sector banks and auto industries, embarking on an unwanted government takeover and rationing of health care which will further bankrupt the country, and giving the most hated terrorists a platform in New York to spew their anti-American rhetoric? We are so consumed by being politically correct that we are apparently trying to deny that there is a war on terror, this despite thwarting numerous plots and unfortunately missing one at Fort Hood. Yes Obama, this is the first terror attack since 9/11 on US soil on your watch! What a disgrace. Prior elections in New Jersey and Virginia reveal the pulse of the nation. Regardless of what the media wants you to see or not see, Americans are not that stupid and realize that we can't spend our way out of debt. With these dismal Obama socialist policies in place, it is highly unlikely that there will be any recovery from the severe recession and high unemployment rates that we currently suffer. Fortunately the American economy is resilient and may recover if government policy is changed, but that may take three more years. Hopefully we will still be a prosperous nation to be revered once we are able to have our core values restored and American optimism and hard work will allow our country to recover from the damage done.

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  • animex 5 years ago

    regardless of the bill they pass we are going to have to deal with this just be prepared

  • Q 5 years ago

    We went to the Freedom Tower’s “Million Med March” in Miami, and all we saw was about two dozen or so folks in scrubs holding up unintelligible signs that looked like prescriptions. Thank goodness we took a pharmacist along… to translate that gibberish.

  • Q 5 years ago

    The hidden subsidized medical system is already costing taxpayers, but ignorant Americans are more willing to pay for it because the taxes are hidden in the federal income tax that is deducted from each worker's paycheck.
    State funding, Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, and HIPAA make up a subsidized system that targets specific needy groups and has been a gradual approach to U.S. health care coverage for all citizens.
    We already pay for community outreach programs, state and federal programs, Medicaid, Medicare, and tax breaks for large corporations.

  • Reply to "Q" 5 years ago

    Earlier in the day there might have been a few dozen , but there was about 100 by the end on the protest. I thought that the signs were good and had a simple message that we don't want Obamacare or Harry Reid's version of health care reform. But as usual minimizing the significance of grassroots protests is a typical propagandist ploy by the liberal left. However unless they falsify the upcoming elections in Novemer , 2010 (Like Acorn did in the last election), there will be a rude awakening for the democrat /socialist party. A swing of 5-10% of the voters is all that will be necessary. Obama's "change" continues to fail to improve anything for the average citizen. He and his party we eventually have to pay for this.