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Media silent as Texas Democrat uses racist profanity to describe GOP

Media silent as ally of Wendy Davis (right) uses racist profanity to describe GOP
Media silent as ally of Wendy Davis (right) uses racist profanity to describe GOP
CBSNews / Getty Images

While speaking at the Texas Democratic Party convention in Dallas on Friday, state Rep.Trey Martinez Fischer told fellow Democrats that GOP doesn't stand for "Grand Old Party," it stands for “gringos y otros pendejos." In addition to the racist slur, Martinez Fischer's office handed out a set of six Lotería cards to delegates, one of which depicts a red-faced Abbott as “El Diablito.”

A Google search found that other than the Houston Chronicle and a few other sites, the racist profanity was largely ignored by the so-called "mainstream media."

GOP gubernatorial nominee Greg Abbott's campaign, however, did not ignore the slur and fired back.

“Wendy Davis and her allies beliefs that all Anglos and Republicans are ‘gringos’ and ‘pendejos’ is both despicable and insulting to the hundreds of thousands non Anglos that support Greg Abbott, including his own multicultural family,” Abbott campaign spokesman Avdiel Huerta said. Abbott's wife, the Chronicle said, is Mexican-American.

“Instead of trying to sell her out of touch ideas like ObamaCare and higher taxes, it appears Sen. Davis new strategy is one of desperation,” Huerta added.

Martinez Fischer did not offer an apology and doubled down on his overheated rhetoric.

“I stand by my words," he said. "I did not know Greg Abbott was at the convention to hear me, and if I had known that I would told him directly to his face.”

Davis spokesman Zac Petkanas defended the racist slur using a somewhat childish excuse.

"Given that Greg Abbott, his campaign and his allies have compared Wendy Davis to Hitler, Satan and a Barbie doll, their fake outrage today is both pathetic and predictable,” Petkanas said.

A post at said that while Petkanas' "explanation" might work for a fifth-grader, it's hardly the explanation one would expect from an adult running for governor. Moreover, Robert Gehl said, there's no comparison between the two comments.

"An intern for Abbott’s campaign tweeted a comment comparing Wendy Davis’ book to Hitler’s Mein Kampf. The tweet was removed, the intern was let go and the Abbott campaign apologized," Gehl said.

Martinez Fischer's comments, however, are on a whole different level, and not the kind of comments one would expect from an elected official.

While Abbott's campaign called Martinez Fischer's comments "despicable," they are far more than that. They illustrate yet again that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate. They also serve to show the blind, seething hatred that permeates the entire Democratic Party.

As we have reported numerous times in the last four years, Democrats routinely use such rhetoric against conservatives and Republicans, many times going so far as to wish death on those with whom they disagree. In December 2012, for example, John Cobarruvias, a former member of the Texas Democratic Party Executive Committee, called for shooting members of the NRA.

"Can we now shoot the #NRA and everyone who defends them?" he said on Twitter before deleting his tweet.

It's enough to make one think liberals like Martinez Fischer really do want a second, bloody civil war in America.

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