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Media preview offers big clue about Diagon Alley opening at Universal Studios

The media invitation kit for the Diagon Alley preview at Universal Studios Florida.
The media invitation kit for the Diagon Alley preview at Universal Studios Florida.
Barb Nefer

Along with millions of other Harry Potter fans, I've been eagerly awaiting the opening of Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida. I watched as the old classic Jaws closed down and Amity gave way to the streets of London. The park has released many teasers, like the photos (which you can find here) and video (which you can find here) released yesterday with more details of the Gringotts ride.

And speaking of Universal revealed a major clue that points to the probable opening date for its hugely-anticipated Harry Potter expansion. A special delivery arrived at my door, containing some very intriguing items. You can see them in the slideshow accompanying this article.

My favorite part of the package was my very own brick of gold, nestled inside the package that was marked Vault 722. It's quite a hefty piece, weighing in at over a pound.

According to the decorative tickets and invitation in the package, the Diagon Alley media preview will be held June 17 to 20. That doesn't necessarily mean the expansion will open on the 20th or even the 21st, but it certainly does raise the possibility. If it doesn't happen on those dates, that still means it shouldn't be too long afterward.

Of course, grand openings don't always follow directly on the heels of media previews. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train preview is over, but the ride doesn't officially open to the public on May 28. Go here for my POV videos of that ride, and stay tuned for more Diagon Alley news and coverage of the big event.

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