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Media-made monsters vs mythical monsters part two

In the previous article, a survey was given to one hundred people and it was also placed at the end of the article. It was a simple enough survey - a list of fourteen monsters was written out and people had to rank them from 1-10, one being their favorite mythical monster and ten being their least favorite. The remaining four would be ignored.

The results were surprising because most people didn’t seem to realize that not all of the monsters in the list were mythical and some weren’t even monsters. It brought up the question as to whether or not the media was slowly phasing out the true myths and legends and replacing them with new ones.

Here are the four that really didn’t belong:

1. Aliens. Aliens got a good rep for being monsters in the Aliens movies with acid for blood, two sets of chompers, a wickedly sharp tail, and always dripping with gooey drool. Oh yes, and not to mention a penchant for initially using humans as hosts and then ripping through their chest, thereby effectively killing them and going off to enjoy bouts of meaningless slaughter. However, aliens in general cannot take the “Mythical Monster” title as they are not considered mythical and are not generally thought of as monsters in the grand scheme of things.

2. Ghosts. Ghosts have been dreaded for as long as there has been death. However, as scary as it can be if one encountered a baddie ghost, they’re not considered mythical. There are legends of ghosts haunting places but ghosts in and of themselves don’t make the cut.

3. Nosferatu. Vampires and nosferatu were mentioned in the survey list and many people ranked them both in their favorites; a few people going so far as to place them back to back. But how can this be as “nosferatu” is just another word for vampire?

4. Frankenstein’s Monster.
Can man create life from dead tissues? Can he play God? A scary concept for many people, but could Frankenstein’s monster really have existed or is he the result of some very creative thinking? Unfortunately, Frankenstein’s monster is no more myth or legend than Aragorn of Lord of the Rings. Yes, he’s merely a product (a very convincing product though) of Mary Shelley’s imagination. However, give it a couple hundred years and it just might turn into a myth.


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