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Media/government operatives put kabosh on Temple Emanuel's flicker of democracy

Denial of service attack
Denial of service attack

What has this bipartisan political examiner been up to lately you ask? What's going on in California's most strategic District 33 as the June 3rd 2014 primary election draws near in the minds of the 25 percent who care enough to vote?

Well it's my journalistic obligation to tell you. See, a little coincidence resulting in no information to the public regarding my incorruptible twin Vince Flaherty winning the Temple Emanuel, Beverly Hills congressional debate, in my humble opinion, occurred this past Wednesday 5/14/2014, when CNN and other stations all decided not to air or release any footage of it until after the election scheduled for June 3, 2014.

They said it wouldn't be fair to the other candidates.

Well, maybe not. But it would have been a good thing for the people. You know, the people... The people..., understand...?? *#]! 0*#%!*!?

So if you can locate any audio or video of it please do contact your friendly bipartisan examiner right here, or elsewhere on the internet if big brother allows, even if you suspect your bipartisan examiner might also be secretly multipartisan... What's that I heard? People don't like partisan politics? Lots of people have really hard feelings against the Republicans..., and the Democrats...?

I see the point. But must not one wear the devil's clothes if one is going to get into the devil's hall? Was not Jimmy Hoffa ranting and raving on the phone to Bobby Kennedy that he helped his big brother get elected and that he wouldn't be Attorney General if it wasn't for him. And did not Bobby say... "It's very simple. We couldn't have got here without ya, and I couldn't have gone after ya unless I was here, and now that I'm here, I'm gonna get ya..."

Of course I wasn't there and I didn't hear the exact conversation. But how about that? The ruthlessness of it all.

And how about that Hoffa, who the movies depict as a gangster who muscled corporations into doing things they wouldn't have done otherwise, even though I remember a gentleman I respect very much mentioning once that James Riddle Hoffa had the good honest guts of the working man.

At any rate, lest we stray afar from today's topic on media censorship of the Temple Emanuel debate of 5/14/2014, may it also be mentioned that on the very next day, after the media kabosh on that little flicker of Democracy, Time Warner internet then "went down" in the entire district for over 24 hours. A coincidence of course. And nary neither side of the red and blue media machine breathed a word of that debate that they had covered with the original intent of reporting on it you see, forevermore.

Next, coincidentally, and as if to keep the establishment’s status quo in prime condition, and/or just to make sure conspiracy theorists have plenty of ammunition with which to shoot themselves, all the websites on [where our brand new website is hosted, and my 434 promises of reform] went south itself and just couldn't seem get back up...

Yes, as I write this we are into the second day of a sophisticated denial of service attack. All servers hosting my 434 promises of reform on our brand new website and its links are intermittently out of commission. Nothing could connect us, for any length of time, as of 5/19/2014 at about 2:20 p.m.

Meanwhile, even though the site does not lend itself, apparently because of the proprietary nature of data collected and/or stored, and its internet targeting programs, to being mirrored on other servers, we have decided to attempt this anyway, so that an identical web site on a different server will take over.

What we are exactly attempting is a flexible work in progress; and what we are facing are the various skills of the Clinton/Obama operatives from Washington D.C. who are working behind the scenes to ensure that this race stays between Ted Lieu, Wendy Gruel, Matt Miller and Marianne Williamson who might as well all be the same person when it comes to actually voting on the fundamental issues that are selling America and California down the river.

In any event, the current Denial of Service attack is aimed at preventing us from educating people about the powers that are rigging this election such as the international financial trading enterprise that backs the top four candidates. The attack is aimed at me and my friends for our political beliefs, and it is meant to disrupt California's Primary Election which is set for June 3rd.

To complicate matters, the

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