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Media-fudged numbers nothing more than music to drown by

Many are skeptical about Obamacare numbers
Many are skeptical about Obamacare numbers
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Most Americans understand that enrollment means something has been acquired. Among the intellectually honest, this point is not generally debated. However, if the backend of a website–the part where you actually submit payment–does not work, it might be a little difficult to pay for what you have supposedly acquired.

Unfortunately, these facts have not motivated the mainstream media to cease from propagating fibs from the White House about how many individuals have actually enrolled and paid for their insurance on the government health exchange website. Although most experts agree that the reputation of Obamacare is far, far beyond saving, the media is determined to continuously chant that the socialized health care system that America did not want or need is a raging success.

In February, the Obama administration openly admitted plans to change the actual definition of the word "enroll" to anyone who has filled out an application. This did not surprise most individuals, especially those who lost their insurance, their doctors, or must now pay for medications previously covered under Medicare. For them, this play on words is par for the course.

An honest news media with any integrity at all would not engage in this game. Nevertheless, Reuters, NBC, and Politico have eagerly heralded the supposed great news about Obamacare "enrollment " in multiple headlines. When it all boils down, even Mr. Obama would have to admit that putting something in a shopping cart does not equal ownership of that item. However, those numbers are being used to convince individuals that Obamacare is a success.

For some folks, this brings to mind the scenario of the good musicians on the Titanic playing lovely waltzes to help forestall the panic that would occur when people realized they were going to drown. At this point, the American public knows that the ship is sinking. The water is at hip level, there aren't enough lifeboats, but the "captain" is still looking for a thumbs up from citizens in return for flowery speeches. Unfortunately, the latter do not compensate those who lost their doctors, their insurance, or had their working hours cut back.

Apparently, even the slanted media cannot hide Obama and the Democrats from the unmitigated disaster called Obamacare, which the President and his party will own for eternity.