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Media failure: The ‘Printed Press’ has failed its Constitutional responsibility

Photos of the Dartmouth
Photos of the Dartmouth
TCC Staff

Media failure
The ‘Printed Press’ has failed its Constitutional responsibility

TCC Staff

The St Augustine Record is complicit

The St. Augustine Tea Party has long held the view that what happens at a local level is a microcosm of what happens at a national level. This is true as it pertains to government and the ‘Fourth Estate’. It is widely reported and understood that establishment media, both broadcast and print, manipulate the news to the advantage of the current power structure.

Our founding fathers understood that in order for the Republic to survive, a free and independent press is necessary. They provided for a free press in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. The Free Press function is now being carried on by Internet publications.

It was reported, today, by the St. Augustine Tea Party (SATP) that its local newspaper, "The St. Augustine Record", has been complicit in distorting the news about the Tea Party in St, Augustine, Florida. “The corruption of the print media is grievously apparent. They do it through misrepresentation of facts, distortions, in the selection of what is news and by ignoring and excluding us from coverage. The St. Augustine Tea Party has been a victim of The Record’s manipulation of facts since the Tea Party’s inception.Recently, the Tea Party’s 36 foot long ‘float’ in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, was not pictured among the 126 photos on the Record’s web edition. This is nothing new,” said Dave Heimbold, SATP Media Chairman. "Excluding the prize winning Dartmouth Float was not an accident and is reflective of their fear of the Tea Party.” The Pedro Menendez HS Marching Band, which preceded the Tea Party, and the St Francis House marchers, which followed, were included. It should be noted that the Tea Party received continuous applause along the parade route, according to Tea Party members on the float.

“The Record is a propaganda rag of the Left,” continued Heimbold. “After it emerged from bankruptcy a few years back, there was hope that the leftist slant would be replaced with at least ‘middle of the road’ reporters. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The last straw was the unsigned Editorial, “Laughing in the Face of the St. Augustine Tea Party", by Peter Ellis. This was a raw, slanderous attack on the Town Criers, who are adored by the vast majority of those who visit St. Augustine’s St. George Street. Americans, tourists and Communist-exiles from Cuba, Venezuela, and former Soviet East European slave States love the Tea Party. The latter have experienced living under Communism. They identity with the veracity of the sign, "Obama Is A Communist" because they have experienced Communism and they recognize it happening here. Now, the American people are beginning to experience Communism, first hand, under Obama and his Czars.After bankruptcy "The Record" didn’t change. It got considerably worse!” said Dave Heimbold. Continuing, he listed a litany of abuses. “Remember the abuse and the Civil Rights violation of the vets at the WW2 Memorial in Washington, D.C. by the Obama Administration? Well, this abuse of patriots had been going on here in St. Augustine at the Castillo de San Marcos, for 2 years. The abuse was topped when Town Criers, in 1776 outfits for the 4th of July Celebration and Fireworks at the Fort, were stopped by a Park Ranger and given a Federal Citation for not having a ‘special permit’ to celebrate the 4th of July with the other 15,000 people on the fort grounds awaiting the 4th of July Fireworks! This blatant act of a Civil Rights violation was e-mailed immediately to the new publisher of The St. Augustine Record Newspaper, Delinda Vogel and her staff. They ‘spiked’ the story. [Refused to print it] However, Action News TV/47 in Jacksonville heard about it and ran with it, plus a follow up story that went out to 13 Counties and millions of viewers in Northeast Florida. Because of the publicity of the singling out of the Tea Party, by the Park Rangers at the Fort, the Supervisor of the Castillo, Gordy Wilson, dropped the charge. Plus, offended Tea Party patriots met with Gordy Wilson at the Fort, culminating in the restoration of First Amendment rights to the ‘Fort grounds’. This was never reported by the Record.” Currently, these Civil Rights Abuses have been taken to Washington, D.C. via the office of Rep. Ron DeSantis, District 6th of Florida. Preliminary inquiry has been made of the Dept. of Interior. The Obama Administration is stonewalling it, like every other abuse of the Veterans and patriots, such as the Tea Party. The Record has not reported this local Civil Rights violation or the action by Rep. DeSantis’ office.

"The conclusion of the matter is that The St. Augustine Record Newspaper is a propaganda piece of the Left. Jim Sutton, former Publisher of the Record is back from being the ‘fishing guy’ for the Florida Times Union, another Morris Communications Leftist rag. Sutton returned to ‘help’ temporarily. Now two more reporters are being added to the deck of the Titanic. Cutting the size of the paper and charging more is not going to help the Record. Telling ‘the rest of the story’ might," Heimbold concluded.

[See Town Crier archives, It’s about truth Peter Vol 1 No11 P 2&3; also see The St. Augustine Record’s Douglas Jordan accompanies the Town Criers Vol 2 No 1 P-2 and Media Spin P-8; Also see Third shift covers the waterfront Vol 2 No 10 P 4 & 5; also see The Marxist progressive experience Vol 2 No 11 P-5&6 of this publication]