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Media fails to report racist Clippers owner Donald Sterling a Democrat donor

Media fails to say Donald Sterling a Democrat donor.
Media fails to say Donald Sterling a Democrat donor.
Kirby Lee/Getty Images

Recently, Los Angeles Clippers' owner Donald Sterling came under fire for racist statements that were captured on tape. But it seems the so-called mainstream media has largely failed to report that Sterling has only donated to Democrats, Matt Drudge and others said on Twitter Sunday, Twitchy reported.

A Google search finds that while conservative sites widely reported Sterling's political views, very few in what we call the "Democrat-media complex" mentioned it. Politico reported that Sterling was a "modest" donor to Democrats "long before" his racist comments.

According to Open Secrets, Sterling gave $2,000 to former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley between 1990 and 1992, $1,000 to Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., and $1,000 to Gray Davis, the recalled former governor of California. To put it in perspective, Brendan Eich was ousted as CEO of Mozilla for a $1,000 donation to a pro-traditional marriage ballot initiative that was supported by a majority of Californians in 2008.

"GOT GAME: NYT informed the unwashed how Bundy is a Republican. Leaves out NBA Sterling is a Democrat," Matt Drudge tweeted. Others also noted the double standard.

"So @davidgregory ties Cliven Bundy to Repubs and conveniently forgets that Donald Sterling is a Dem?" another person asked.

Thanks in large part to the media silence on the issue, CNN commentator and former Clinton adviser Paul Begala actually told conservatives not to defend Sterling. A number of conservatives, lead by Instapundit, schooled Begala, Twitchy said.

Newsbusters' Tom Blumer consoled Begala somewhat while calling him ignorant.

"Don't worry, Paul," he wrote. "The establishment press probably won't point out your pathetic ignorance, so your exposure will likely be limited to the center-right alternative media, as usual, doing their job for them."

As many people observed, had Sterling been a Republican or contributed to conservative causes, the media would be relentlessly pounding the message around the clock. After all, contributing to a conservative initiative cost Eich his job, and the media is still hammering Cliven Bundy after repeatedly reporting cherry-picked comments that were taken out of context.

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