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Media and Obama threatening national security

Media and Obama threatening national security. Recent events in the past week impart how preoccupied the mainline media and the Obama administration are with trivial events but completely inattentive to matters truly concerning our nation’s security such as Russian President Putin embarrassing President Obama by terrifying Ukraine’s sovereignty. Tension is building throughout the Middle East.

The entire sports world and media is obsessed with the tape of Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling and his racist comments he made in his house. The Detroit Free Press can’t find enough ink and paper to publish stories what a reprobate Sterling is.

President Obama chimed in on the Sterling affair while overseas but saying and doing nothing to confront Russia. Yet he and Attorney General Holder were equally silent when 12 ruthless Black men savagely beat Steven Utash. Mr. Utash was in a coma and is still clinging to life. Mr. Sterling’s comments were absolutely repulsive but nobody was physically harmed.

Holder did comment about the recent Supreme Court ruling, which voted, 6-2, ending racial preferences at Michigan universities. The ruling followed the ballot initiative where 60% of Michiganders voted for the measure. The Free Press was incensed at the court ruling and the democratic process but has commented very little about Mr. Utash.

Obama sits idly by while Iran is building nuclear capability. Peace settlements between Israel and Palestine are stagnant.

The media is complicit in Obama’s neglect. They’ve protected his corruption and incompetence. When President George W. Bush was in office, the media blamed him for Abu Ghraib, tsunamis in Indonesia, hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico. Obama escapes blame with the fiasco at the Phoenix VA Hospital and the new developments concerning Benghazi. Forty veterans died due to neglect and improper care in Phoenix. Recent e-mails were released possibly implicating The White House was involved in a cover-up regarding the raid on the Consulate in Benghazi.

The media can only protect Obama so much. Over 60% of the nation feels Obama lies consistently. The country is less secure because of a complicit media and a deceitful administration.

Final Thought: Dude, what happens in Benghazi doesn’t stay in Benghazi.

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