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Media agenda on display after school shooting that wasn’t a school shooting

Media try to promote anti-gun agenda with shooting at school
Media try to promote anti-gun agenda with shooting at school
Reuters/Hugh Gentry

On Tuesday, January 28, the national media went into an uproar while reporting on what they perceived to be the latest school shooting. Regular programming was interrupted with BREAKING NEWS and ALERTs and newsreaders in a frenzy about a high school in Hawaii being in lockdown after reports of shots fired. Shouts and cries of “OMG!”, “evil guns!”, “school in lockdown!”, “THE CHILDREN!” were the order of the day. All of the national media outlets got in on the act, from the 24/7 cable news channels to the major newspapers and numerous Internet sites.

But it wasn’t even really a school shooting, at least not the type they would lead you to believe. The person with a gun that fired the shots was a police officer, supposedly the only type of person responsible enough to own or carry a gun, according to the anti-gun crowd in the media.

While the media tried to spin their anti-gun narrative and make people fearful of yet another mass shooting with mass casualties by a student at a school, here is what really happened:

A 17-year old student that had been reported as a runaway showed up at his school. He was approached by police officers in the school’s office and become belligerent and combative. After punching, fighting and struggling with a couple of officers, the kid pulled out a knife and began slashing and stabbing at the officers. A few of the officers suffered minor wounds. One of the policemen then fired a couple of shots, striking the kid in the wrist, forcing him to drop the knife and end his struggle. He was then taken into custody. That was it. No evil scary assault weapons, no bag full of extra ammo or makeshift explosives, no mass body count, no pools of blood for the anti-gunners to splash in. It was just a cop using his gun to protect himself and others in a potentially deadly encounter with a troubled kid that had a knife.

There is no doubt that the vast majority of the national media leans to the left, and their anti-gun agenda was on full display that day. Rather than take the time to investigate the full story before rushing on air, they instead chose to promote their anti-gun agenda through biased fear mongering, playing on the emotions of parents fearful for the safety of their children and schools. Once the actual facts of the story began coming to light, the media quickly stopped talking about it, as it no longer fit in with their narrative. Unfortunately, this has become all too typical these days.

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