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Media abandons Clive Bundy, but should they?

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.
Photo by David Becker

After making remarks that the mainstream media and the thought-and-speech police of the progressive movement consider to be unacceptable, the media has generally turned against Nevada rancher Clive Bundy and his family. He is being called a racist because of some of his remarks. Those remarks have led some news organizations that were generally sympathetic to turn against him.

But should they? The short answer is a vehement "NO." Free speech was never intended for the type of speech that everyone agrees with but specifically for speech that we find to be obnoxious, particularly in the political realm. Why else would the Framers include in the Bill of Rights the protection of free speech if they thought everyone would only be allowed to utter "acceptable" words and opinions?

Free speech is protected for the very reason that people will often say things with which I strongly disagree or find to be utterly disgusting. I don't have to approve of it or like it. In fact, because we have free speech, I can respond to what I consider to be obnoxious speech with all of the condemnation and vilification I can muster. But in a free society I CANNOT silence them. And I must be willing to defend his/her right to say what they want even if I am unsympathetic to their views.

America has become a country where there is no free speech. Kiss it good-bye, my friends, it is gone, vanished, obliterated with a few simple court rulings and the stroke of a president's pen. We now live in a society of "political correctness," meaning that we are allowed to say only those things that the favored ones smile upon. That is not free speech. That is speech control. And it is a most vile and disturbingly dangerous trend that has infiltrated this country and swept through all of the public schools, the colleges, the newspapers, and the government. Even the churches to a great degree march in lockstep to the dictates of the politically correct "speech police."

A major part of this unAmerican and totalitarian mindset is the notion that if a person such as Clive Bundy says things that violate the most sacred of the dictates of the religion of political correctness, then he must be rotten through and through. If he says what some people believe are racist things then he must be silenced, shunned, and ignored. Not only that but if he dares violate the sacred dictates of the progressives with regard to speech, then surely there must be a child molester or worse lurking inside him somewhere, just waiting for something to push him over the edge. Why, he probably hates Barack Obama too. Oh, my. And if he had a chance he would probably go on a shooting spree at a political rally full of progressives. After all, he supposedly said disparaging things about a minority group. No telling what he'll do next. He could well nuke the South Pole.

The point is, of course, Clive Bundy is still allowed free speech, period, with no qualifications whatsoever. Al Sharpton blathers racist remarks all the time. Why hasn't someone suggested that a dog muzzle be placed on him?

Further, there is good evidence that Bundy did NOT make the racist comments the media claims. The New York Times, at the behest of Media Matters (George Soros' gang of thugs), doctored up the video supposedly showing Bundy going on a verbal spree of racist remarks. But when the video is shown in it's entirety, including that which Media Matters edited out of the footage, Bundy's remarks do not seem to be as extremist as he was made out to be.

Would I say such things using the same words Bundy used? No. Would I deliberately use certain terms that some of my fellow citizens believe to be offensive to them personally? No again. I am not here to be deliberately offensive but to give my fellow citizens food for thought, prompting them to consider concepts and ideas that perhaps they have never thought about before. If my words are a stumbling block right off the bat, then I have lost the battle before I even start. They won't even give me a hearing.

So, I am sensitive to such issues. But at the same time I am a vehement defender of free speech to the point that I defend a person's right to say just about anything, even if it offends Muslims, gays, Blacks, or whoever. I myself may not say those things, but I believe that YOU have a right to say them if that is how you feel. THAT is what free speech means in a free society. If I want to call Barack Obama a sociopath who is a pathological liar, then I have the right to say it.

And this is why I still support Cliven Bundy no matter what our overlords among the intelligentsia and the news media say about it. I am not here defending his views on race or politics. Those are not the issues at play here at all. I am here to defend land rights that the federal government has been encroaching upon for many years. I am here to defend a man who wants government to leave him alone and let him continue to earn a living. I am here to help Bundy make a statement about the Bureau of Land Management, and about Sen. Harry Reid (who is a slithering corrupt lying snake). And I am here to stand side by side with my fellow patriots to tell the Feds to get the heck outta here, that they have no power except that which the citizens give them, and that they are now on notice that we the people are ready to remove ALL of their power. They have demonstrated time and again that they are not worthy nor capable of handling wisely the power we entrusted to them.

And that power which the people give can also be taken away. Apparently the Bureau of Land Management never learned that vital lesson.


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