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Medford's dedication to giving it's dancers pointe shoes from all over the world

There are few things that are more important to a ballerina than her pointe shoes. Whether she is a beginner or a professional dancer, the right shoes make all the difference in the world. However, each girl's likes and dislikes when it comes to features of a shoe are as vast and varied as the dancers themselves, making it imperative that a selection of pointe shoes be available so that the girls have the chance to find what truly works for them. The pointe shoe vendors of the small town of Medford Oregon do a notable job of making this wish a reality for it's dancers by carrying a variety of brands from across the country and even Europe.

Misty Copeland

Studio Roxander, ballet academy and dance shop offers local dancers a number of prominent brands such as Capezio, Repetto, Fuzi, Freed, and WearMoi to choose from. Let's look at the valuable features a few of these brands have to offer.

The inventor of the Capezio pointe shoe was Salvatore Capezio. He hailed from Italy and established his own shoe store in close proximity to the Metropolitan Opera House of New York City at the ripe old age of seventeen. The Studio Capezio, one make of Capezio, boasts the ability to last longer and it sports elasticized binding that eliminates the saggy satin syndrome that dancers abhor. The Aria pointe shoe, another make of the Capezio brand, caters to those dancers who have wider feet. The shoe is also made with material that fights foot stench, a quality that is always appreciated by the wearer as well as the wearer's fellow dancers. To learn more about Capezio pointe shoes visit

But Capezios are not the only pointe shoes that offer the features that dancers covet. Repettos, which were first created in Paris by Rose Repetto, promise to be quiet when being danced in. No more clunking around the stage when the Nutcracker music reaches a soft section of notes! Repettos also boast another irresistible trait: they are aesthetically attractive on the wearer's foot and every dancer knows that having shoes that make her feet look pretty mean a happy dancer! More information on Repettos can be found at

Xijun Fu, who trained at the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy, offers his Fuzi pointe shoe to dancers worldwide. This shoe works for any dancer's foot arch and also assists the wearer with balancing. To view all of the Fuzi pointe shoe products go to

These pointe shoe brands and others can be tested by simply visiting Studio Roxander's dance shop. Here one has access to many makes and shoe sizes and will be expertly fitted by instructor and former dancer Elyse Roxander. Contact information for the studio can be found at!dance-shop/c1w5v.

Dance and Beyond is another of Medford's dance wear destinations that makes brands like Bloch available to it's customers.

Jacob Bloch, founder of the Bloch pointe shoe, was an emigrant from Eastern Europe. He settled in Australia where he began producing his pointe shoes. Reports on this brand declare that due to the snug fit of these shoes, ballerina's will feel as if they could dance in them all day long. What more could a dancer ask for? Go to to find out more about Dance and Beyond and to for more information on Bloch pointe shoes.

Having just the brand and fit of pointe shoe that a ballerina needs is not a matter to take lightly. That is why dancers are willing to look as far as Europe and China for the right shoe. Medford Oregon makes certain that these dancers, whether student or company member, have access to brands all over the world. It may be a small town but Medford is not short on dedicated dance shops who eagerly assist dancers of all ages in finding the pointe shoes that keep them on their toes.

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