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Mechanical engineering jobs that make you a part of nation building process

Some careers allow you to be a part of nation building process, even though involved indirectly. Mechanical engineering is one those careers, which allow one to be a part of projects which are of social-importance; bringing in changes and a comfortable way of life. Apart from the nation building process, mechanical engineering as a career is very innovative and dynamic, in the sense that there are new inventions, upgrades, and advancement of the current technology or the machines that we use and these innovations happen each day. Mechanical engineers are always at the center; conceptualizing, designing, producing and implementing new machines which simplify life's of one and all. The role that mechanical engineers play, which is really important socially as it is from the economy point of view. Mechanical engineers have always been involved with designing machines that not just reduce manual labour, but does the same work with greater results. Not only machines that can reduce human labour, but mechanical engineers also design and develop prosthetics which have made difference to life of specially-abled people. Mechanical engineers have brought a difference in many aspects of human life and shall continue to do so. Lets take a look at the recent developments and the job scenario of this domain.

Top companies for jobs in mechanical engineering
Mechanical engineering domain is extremely wide; as there are multiple sub-disciplines of this domain. All these sub-disciplines of mechanical engineering are interwoven and each of them facilitates different processes. However, there are certain organizations that are top-paymasters, undertaking some of the major projects that not only contribute to infrastructural development but also help mechanical engineers working for these projects earn valuable experience which they benefit throughout their career. Working for a top company of any domain is a great medium for a longstanding career, learning advanced and updated technologies, faster progression across profiles of a particular role, options to make a horizontal shift in order to avoid monotony creeping in by performing the same task each day; which further advances one's skills set. Here are top-employers from mechanical engineering domain:
1. Tata Group
2. Kirloskar
3. Godrej Group
4. Larsen & Toubro
5. Thermax
6. Siemens
7. Suzlon
8. ABB
9. Crompton Greaves
10. GE

Career Path
Mechanical engineering is not a profession for everyone, even before getting the education for mechanical engineering one needs to posses an avid interest in machines; apart from that deeper understanding of concepts of mathematics and principles of physics is required. Mechanical engineers are responsible for solving complex problems using the basics of mechanical engineering along with the application of principles of physics and mathematics. After getting certified as a mechanical engineer, one needs to develop his skills around a particular sub-discipline of mechanical engineering. The most important task is to keep skills fresh by aligning them with the constant evolution in technology. As a mechanical engineer, one can lock their focus on any one of the sub-disciplines of mechanical engineering and further develop their specialization in that particular domain. Taking up certificate courses or even a master's degree is a great medium to up-skill and amplify career growth.

Current job market scenario
Jobs for mechanical engineers are available all year round, recently with the halted growth of economy job creation was adversely hit however, with the formation of new government at the center and positive sentiment across various industry towards stability in Indian economy has led to job creation in various sectors. Boosting manufacturing activities, supported by a well developed infrastructure is what the new government is aiming at; has led to job creation in these two sectors. Mechanical engineers are of great value for manufacturing industries; as mechanical engineers are equipped with the skills and education that is essential for setting up manufacturing plants, machines, and supervising their operation. Jobs for mechanical engineers are on a rise in this sector; as increase in manufacturing activity gives rise to the GDP of a country and in order to achieve the set targets a well developed and extensive infrastructure is required for timely delivery of the finished manufactured goods. Construction of national highways, inter-state highways and rail network is also one of the primary concerns of the government. Infrastructure sector does employ mechanical engineers and a large pool of jobs for mechanical engineers are available in this domain.

Latest news from mechanical engineering domain
Mechanical engineering is a sector which witnesses new developments each day or to say mechanical engineers work each day to develop new machines for simplification of human labour. Here is one example of such developments, Three mechanical engineering students from a college in Kerala have developed a sand separator which will benefit the construction companies. This machines will wash the sand and convert it into single sized grains, which will be manually filtered and used separately for various purposes. This sand separator will enhance the quality of sand and allowing the developers to save time and money. This machine will cost 27 Lakhs.
Jobs for mechanical engineers, are one of those jobs which offer opportunities for recognition, by showcasing your talents and innovative ideas. Mechanical engineering jobs offer broad base of opportunities to apply your knowledge and capabilities to bring about a change to lives of many, at large.

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