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Mecha March: Super Nintendo Power Ranger Games

How does one end the epic series that was Mecha March? How about going on a nostalgia trip back to the 90s with Power Rangers. In a post Transformers and Voltron world, PR ran supreme. So sit back, grab some gushers with an Ecto Cooler, and enjoy a look at these four Super Nintendo oddities.

This is box art for MMPR.
Bandai, Nintendo

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: This little brawler was released for the SNES in 1994. With awesome music and a great companion to the show, this is actually a really good game. The pixel art in particular holds up very strongly. Still, those suspenders on Billy look a tad ridiculous good art, or no.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-The Movie: This second brawler was released in 1995, which was a tie-in, obviously, to the first movie. It plays very similarly to the first one, but isn’t as good. Why? It’s hard to explain, but at its core it just doesn’t get enough right from the movie. It also feels rushed compared to the first game.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-Fighting Edition: Strangely enough this also came out in 1995 just a few months after the movie game. This one differentiates itself from the previous two as a fighting game. The music and art are still pretty great, but it lacks a good roster for a fighting game. The characters chosen are too random. Who wants a lipstick monster when high level bad guys like Goldar are missing? At least Lord Zed is there in all his creepy, muscled up glory.

Power Ranger’s Zeo-Battle Racers: Finally we get to 1996’s strangest spin-off to the Power Ranger games. As a series known for various vehicles one would imagine a racer could be good. It’s not bad, but it just copies Mario Kart too heavily to unique. No seriously. Watch the video, then look at the first few levels of Mario Kart. Is it straight up plagiarism, or just bone witted design? The answer is probably both.

For a video featuring these four Power Ranger games, be sure to check out ReActionExaminer on YouTube.

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