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Mecha March: Earth Defense Force 2025

Earth Defense Force, just like Dynasty Warriors, is a divisive series. Most people either don’t know about it, or despise it. Yet for a niche crowd, it's adored. Given the technical flaws, cheesy acting, and repetitive nature one can see why it’s disliked. To see what the hubbub was about this writer tried his first EDF title, which is also the newest, Earth Defense Force 2025.

These are a few screenshots from EDF 2025.
These are a few screenshots from EDF 2025.
EDF 2025-1
This is the box art for EDF 2025.
D3 Publisher, Sandlot

Right off the bat, sure, the flaws are all there. However, beneath those issues is a hilariously fun game. There are tons of levels, four distinct classes, and tons of customizable weapons and gear. Plus it's like playing a hammy B-movie what with the grotesque mutant bugs, killer robots, and ominous alien invaders. It does get dull after playing a few missions alone, but the real addictive draw here is the co-op multiplayer.

While fun, it does have its kinks as well. Matchmaking is all screwed up. Instead of asking to join a match and allowing the system to find one, players must jump from lobby to lobby hoping to get into a match that hasn't started. If the lobby isn't full, but the others are playing a round, one must wait until they are done. The point is there’s a lot of waiting, which is brought down even more by the ridiculous loads. However, once in a match, it can be loads of fun.

At the end of the day EDF isn’t for everyone. Based off what this writer played of Earth Defense Force 2025 though, it’s definitely worth a try to those who like mindless fun and great co-op games akin to Dynasty Warriors. And for all those mech fans, yes, it’s also for them. EDF!

For a video version featuring a look at both single player and co-op multiplayer missions in EDF 2025, be sure to check out ReActionExaminer on YouTube.

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