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Mecha March: Before Dark Souls, there was Armored Core

From Software, the developers behind Dark Souls, have been in business a long time. Before Dark Souls the company debuted another popular series in 1997, Armored Core. The franchise has over 15 titles since its debut on the PS1.

These are a few screenshots from Armored Core.
These are a few screenshots from Armored Core.
This is the box art for AC1.
Sony, From Software

Essentially they're all the same if not somewhat tweaked here and there. Story, like Dark Souls, has never been a strong focus. It all takes a back seat to customizing mechs, doing missions, and blowing stuff up. It’s perhaps not as evil as Dark Souls, but the customization and emphasis on improvement is something fans will appreciate.

And yes, this article is accompanied with a gameplay video on the first Armored Core. To learn more about the game’s history and to see how it plays, check it out. To fans of Dark Souls hopefully this will give them another vice in life.

For more videos like the Armored Core retrospective, watch them on ReActionExaminer’s YouTube Channel.

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