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Mecha March: A month dedicated to the best mechs and robots in video games

Welcome to Mecha March! To celebrate the return of one of the biggest mech franchises of all time, Metal Gear, and the upcoming newbie, Titanfall, this writer wanted to dedicate a month to the best in mechs, robots, cyborgs, power suits, etc. Why? Well why not? For many gamers and nerds alike, piloting a real life mech is a dream. Games, films, and anime make these dreams a reality and give the believers hope.

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Namco Bandai, EA, Nintendo, Konami, Sega, Square Enix

To kick off the month, here are two Qwiktros. Vanquish is a Platinum Games’ shooter with the hero fighting robots of all sizes in a power suit. And Binary Domain is basically an excellent Terminator game set in Japan. These are two overlooked PS3 games that deserve a second chance before Titanfall eats away those hours next week. Pick them up over the weekend, have fun, and then come back all March for more mech goodness.

Check out the accompanying YouTube channel, ReActionExaminer, for a quick demonstration of Vanquish and Binary Domain along with other great videos.

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