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Mecha March: 5 obscure 16-bit mech games

This is the age of great, modern mech games. Whether it’s on last-gen’s consoles, this gen’s, or even the PC, robots smashing things aren’t hard to find. That said it’s good to know one’s roots which is why we’re going to take a look at some obscure Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo 16-bit mech games. So sit back and enjoy the cacophony of pixelated explosions.

These are the five games listed in the article.
DreamWorks, Konami, Activision

BattleTech-1995: This is the second game in the MechWarrior series to hit consoles. And guess who published it? Activision. Yes, before Call of Duty there was MechWarrior. A simple, yet enjoyable game with Diablo like environments and a sweet looking bipedal robot that can, yep, blow sh*t up.

MechWarrior-1994: Skipping back a beat, this was BattleTech’s predecessor. It lines up more with Activision’s sweet baby, Call of Duty, as a first-person shooter through the lens of a mech cockpit. It offers customizable gear and upgradable parts, which is required to progress because this game is tough as steel. Plus, hey, it’s fun to play too.

Metal Warriors-1995: This is probably the most interesting game on the list. This was published by Konami and developed by LucasArts. The robot even has a lightsaber. The best part is the pixel art in this game is phenomenal. Seriously, jaw dropping for this era. Again, lightsabers on robots!

Target Earth-1990: In Japan this game is part of a series called Assault Suits along with the next game. Why the change? Assault Suits sounds cooler than Target Earth. Well regardless, it doesn’t matter too much as this is hardly a cool mech game. It takes place on what seems like the moon as aliens try to invade earth. The suit is too small to feel powerful and it’s ridiculously hard. Watch how fast this guy can die.

Cybernator-1993: Easily the second best on the list that matches the amazing art from Metal Warriors. It’s definitely the most accessible game on the list in terms of difficulty. There’s a great balance between enemies and the controls. And as an interesting fact the game was remade for the PS2, but was not released over here.

For a video featuring these five games, be sure to check out ReActionExaminer on YouTube.

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