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Meatless Monday Jan. 20, 2014 tips

Maximum Liven


Meatless Monday

Clean Your Body 2014

You are what you eat.

Eat Whole Foods

Eat zucchini instead of those barbecue chips. At least you know what’s in it. Make your own chips from fresh

potato. The best ingredients are just one. Chips are processed with lots of sodium and other things I can’t even


Cook Your Meals

Challenge yourself instead of eating out, make it yourself. Instead of your favorite taco restaurant make your taco.

Drink Water

Carry water with you. Add some green tea decaffeinated to your water.

There are some sugar free flavors on the market. You can make your own by adding lemon or lime with agave.

Good Fats

Change the cooking oil to olive oil. Try eating nuts or salmon to get some good fats in your diet.

More veggies

Try this easy spinach salad:

2 cups fresh baby spinach

Some chopped garlic

Italian salad dressing

Lime juice

Instructions: slice spinach, add garlic and dressing with a squirt of lime and serve.

So easy to make.

Eat up! So Yummy !!!

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