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Meat Week is Coming

Yes, anonymous 1950's ad copywriter, let's!
Yes, anonymous 1950's ad copywriter, let's!
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Barbecue fans, have you ever been disappointed because the United States lacked one thing: a nationwide week-long holiday dedicated to nothing but the inhaling of your beloved 'cue?  Well mourn no more, carnivore!  Meat Week is coming!

Actually, Meet Week has been around for five years now, and it's just getting bigger and bigger.  A friend hipped me to the sauce-laden festivities, and readers, I am planning on taking advantage.  Basically, you gather together with a bunch of people and eat barbecue at 7 different restaurants over the course of a week.  The week is capped by a blowout BBQ at one of the "Captain's" (celebration leaders) backyards.  Newcomers are definitely welcome and encouraged, but they will understand if you (and your digestive tract) can't make it to all 8 different feasts.

This article  from last year will give you a good idea of what the festivities are like.  In addition to eating lots of meat, there's other fun activities like voting on the best BBQ and taking lots of pictures to be posted on the Meat Week web site.

Festivities kick off at Spring Street Smoke House on Sunday January 31, 2010, at 4:00 p.m.  See you there, meat lovers!