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Meat recall: 8.7 million pounds of beef, veal recalled, see list of products

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A meat recall of 8,742,700 pounds of beef and veal was issued because Rancho Feeding Corporation, a company in Petaluma, Calif., processed diseased and unsound animals. The meat recall was announced by the USDA on Feb. 8, 2014, and the recalled beef and veal included the following Rancho Feeding Corporation products:

  • "Beef Carcasses” (wholesale and custom sales only)
  • 2 per box "Beef (Market) Heads" (retail only)
  • 4-gallons per box "Beef Blood" (wholesale only)
  • 20-lb. boxes of “Beef Oxtail”
  • 30-lb. boxes of “Beef Cheeks”
  • 30-lb. boxes of " Beef Lips"
  • 30-lb. boxes of "Beef Omasum"
  • 30-lb. boxes of "Beef Tripas"
  • 30-lb. boxes of "Mountain Oysters"
  • 30-lb. boxes of "Sweet Breads”
  • 30- and 60-lb. boxes of “Beef Liver”
  • 30- and 60-lb. boxes of “Beef Tripe”
  • 30- and 60-lb. boxes of “Beef Tongue”
  • 30- and 60-lb. boxes of "Veal Cuts"
  • 40-lb. boxes of "Veal Bones"
  • 50-lb. boxes of “Beef Feet”
  • 50-lb. boxes of “Beef Hearts”
  • 60-lb. boxes of "Veal Trim"

According to the USDA, the above products are unfit for human consumption.

To find out if someone bought any of the recalled meat products, there is an establishment number inside the USDA mark of inspection saying “EST.527.” Each one of the boxes has the case code number ending with a “3” or “4.”

The USDA informs that the affected products were produced by the Rancho Feeding Corporation in Petaluma between Jan. 1, 2013, to Jan. 7, 2014, and shipped to distribution centers and retail establishments in California, Florida, Illinois and Texas.

On Saturday, federal officials said that the above products had to be recalled because the company processed diseased and unhealthy animals without a full federal inspection.

The meat recall of 8,742,700 pounds of beef and veal has been classified a Class I recall, meaning that “this is a health hazard situation where there is a reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death.”



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