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Meat plant worker murdered, ate woman's remains, buried leftovers in own yard

In what can only be described as a bizarre and heinous act, a Tennessee man is accused by police of having murdered a woman at his home, then dismembering and eating some of her remains before burying what was left. Oddly enough, the man is also a former meat plant worker and shares his home with his parents.

Coffee County police said in an affidavit, Crimefeed reported June 11, that Gregory Scott Hale admitted to murdering Lisa Marie Hyder at his Summitville, Tenn., home on Friday. Police learned of the killing on Sunday when they encountered the man attempting to find help disosing of Hyder's corpse.

Police noted that Hale also admitted to dismembering the body. But most shocking of all was his admission of cannibalism -- to actually eating some of the woman's remains. The leftovers were then buried in his yard beneath a burn pile.

According to WSMV in Nashville, Hale posted a tribute to serial killer Richard Ramirez on Facebook back in February, just after he reportedly died of B-cell lymphoma, a so-called "blood cancer." Known as the "Night Stalker," Ramirez was a drifter whose string of home invastions not only terrorized the Los Angeles area for over a year (June 1984 to August 1985) but would see him convicted of 13 counts of murder and 5 counts of attempted murder, not to mention burglaries and sexual assaults.

It is as yet unclear why Gregory Scott Hale admired Ramirez. The "Night Stalker" was not a cannibal.

Hale joked in April about being a cannibal. He reportedly wrote: "If someone were to become a cannibal and eat a vegetarian, would the vegetarian taste like that fake soy meat?"

Police are also looking into allegations that Hale is a devil worshipper.

As an employee at a meat plant, the man's behavior was noted as odd. He often took home bones, blood, and eyeballs of the slaughtered animals.

Gregory Scott Hale is being held on a $1.5 million bond. He is charged with first degree murder and abuse of a corpse.

Cannibalism, the eating of human flesh by another human, is a rare occurrence and shocking when it is discovered. Unfortunately, Hale's isn't an isolated case.

Just this week, a man attacked, killed, and ate the heart of a man who was seeing his ex-girlfriend. According to Times Live, the man was found by neighbor's eating his competition's heart with a knife and fork, muttering to himself, "I am the king."

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