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Meat, Mole and Mexico Influence Cesar Galindo’s AW14 Collection

Cesar Galindo and Nicole Forbis Backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Nicole Forbis of

By: Nicole Forbis

Mexican-American designer Cesar Galindo’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection evokes a hazy kaleidoscope of digital graphics and print patterns in a blue, gray and purple backdrop. I sat down with Galindo before his presentation during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the Hudson Hotel to talk about the inspiration behind his newest collection, and boy were we surprised!

Forbis: Good morning! What was your inspiration this season?

Galindo: The two words are Altered States. It’s all the Altered States of my woman and how she has to transform from morning-to-career-to-work-to-play and how technology has affected our work and our careers because our office is in our hands. It’s taking the active sportswear lifestyle into the business lifestyle. So it’s the Altered States of existence.

Forbis: Fabulous! Well, it sounds like Fashion Week for us! Going from morning to day and then into the evening.

Galindo: It’s like the right hoodie. You can wear it to work, wear it to the gym, you can wear it out. It kind of transcends all those points of your daily routine.

Forbis: How does being Latin influence your designs?

Galindo: OMG! I was born and raised with Mexican parents. I think color no matter what is a predominant thing no matter of what I do. I love prints and I think that my culture comes out in my work regardless of what I do. My mother was a seamstress; she made all her own clothes. I learned how to nurture my craft through my parents.

Forbis: What is the best piece of advice that your parents gave you?

Galindo: Be proud of what you do. Do quality work because your name goes on it. I think that’s probably the best advice I got from my mother, she was my biggest critic. She made me hone in and perfect what I do, and be proud of it.

Forbis: Is there something your parents would cook for you that was your favorite?

Galindo: Oh my gosh, yes! My father was a butcher; he had nine meat markets in Houston towards the end of his career. We catered to the Latin community. We love meat and of course everything that comes with it. I mean Mexican food, it’s part of the DNA. When you make fresh salsa every day, it’s a different world, and those are the things that I miss from being back home. I have my mothers’ molcajete, I inherited [the bowl] after she passed away. I love my food!

Forbis: While you’re designing, is there anything you love to eat or drink that sparks inspiration?

Galindo: I’m going to tell you something, mole makes me dream. Mole gives me crazy dreams. I don’t know what it is, but it’s that Mexican chocolate. I know that I crave mole sometimes, but it takes me to a different dream state.

To find out more about Mexican-American designer Cesar Galindo, please visit and check out our Instagram for backstage video and a video of the presentation! I would love to hear what your favorite outfit is and if eating mole gives you crazy dreams too!

To create your own delicious mole dish, here is a recipe for Chocolate Mole Cake from the Latin Kitchen.

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