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Measure Your Feet Day

Get your foot measured today at Foot Solutions!
Get your foot measured today at Foot Solutions!

Today is Measure Your Feet Day! That’s right, a holiday dedicated to your feet. Those incredible steps you take every day are all dependent on the often neglected area of your feet. Do you even remember the last time you stopped to simply measure your feet? So, why not take some time out of your busy schedule and give them a little pampering and attention.

Foot Work- Just think about it… our feet do a lot of work for us every day. Grade school kids give their feet a workout on the playground, while construction workers lug on some working boots and climb heights or use all kind of machinery with their feet taking the risk on a daily basis as the door stoppers or stompers as they build and destroy things. Even teenagers lace up a pair of sneakers and give their feet tortuous adventures that include everything from running laps in the gym to chasing the neighborhood dog home. Meanwhile, we all see the fashionable ladies who like to pinch, poke, and squeeze their feet into unforgiving heels and strut around all day.

Foot Solutions- Well, take a little time and recognize those ten darling toes today. Foot Solutions in Marietta, Georgia is a great place to go if you want to put the spotlight on your feet. This retailer is far from your typical shoe store. They have a team of professionals that know all about your feet. They can assist in measuring your feet and even doing a revolutionary foot analysis.

Year- End Clearance Sale- Plus, right now there is a year-end clearance sale. The sale goes on from now until February 28th. Enjoy this beautiful Measure Your Feet Day!

Foot Solutions

2359 Windy Hill Rd

Marietta, Georgia 30067

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