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Measles update for the United States

The number of measles cases continues to grow in California while the New York City outbreak has slowed. As of March 26, Orange County Public Health is reporting 21 measles cases for 2014. On March 14, the case count was just seven.

Lt. Cmdr. Michelle Kee, mother of 6-month-old Cameron Kee, holds her infant as Hospitalman Roderick Hinds gives an immunization shot.
U.S. Navy photo by Jacob Sippel / public domain

Other southern California counties are also reporting high numbers of measles cases, SanDiego6 reported on March 26. Los Angeles County has had ten cases while San Diego County has seen four. The state of California had four reported measles cases at this time in 2013, according to the state's Department of Public Health. Current state-wide data is due to be released on March 28.

PIX11 reported on March 26 that the New York City measles outbreak had increased by one patient, to a total of 21. PIX11 quotes city public health officials as denying that any of these patients were exposed to the disease at a local hospital. In the last several weeks, concerns were raised about that issue when several known measles patients were found to have spent long periods of time waiting to be seen in medical clinics or hospital emergency departments.

Measles, the Centers for Disease Control state, is a "highly contagious respiratory disease." The University of Michigan School of Public Health reports that the expected secondary transmissions from a single case of measles is from 12 to 15 cases. Both the California and the New York City outbreak began with one or more unvaccinated patients traveling overseas, to countries with current measles outbreaks.

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