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Meanwhile Back at the Ark

16th century painting
16th century painting
Public domain - painted by Simon de Myle

Last week, I wrote a previous article about the movie Noah. Since I had not seen the movie (and won't be), it was not a review but a compilation of opinions from some people who had. Since I posted that, several reviews have appeared and the controversy continues to rage on as people flock to the theaters. Noah has already taken in more than $50 million. That flick will probably surpass Son of God this weekend.

Here's the link to a most unusual review of Noah, which has some very condemning evidence that Noah is not a butchering of the Bible tale of the flood. Check it out at if you have the intelligence and perseverance to follow it to its conclusion. He mentions that the movie was really not marketed as being based on the Bible. That statement was one that might be challenged, but I'm not about to major on the minors.

And here's another one, written in a less scholarly and informal manner:

The Bible says that there is nothing new under the sun. If the first reviewer is accurate, and the evidence seems to strongly suggest that, this is an attempt to bring some old time heresy into a new age using modern technology and people's fascination with the shock and awe of the big screen and computer graphics. So Christians should not be upset that Darren what's his face has distorted a Bible story. They should be concerned because their God is being slandered by this movie. And might I say very concerned since the advertisements for this movie infiltrated the Christian marketplace. CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network), creators of the 700 Club, had a banner on their front page of their website advertising the movie last week. Today the banners that I saw dealt with knowing Jesus, dealing with depression, and donating for hungry children.

Some big name "Christians" spoke up to decry the criticism of this work of art, telling believers in Christ that they must cut artists some slack. Pahlease! More than ever we have to hold people accountable for the persuasive material they place in front of our eyes and ears. Do Christians not understand that the devil is literally out there roaming like a lion, ready to devour anyone who opens a door to him? No they don't. It's time people came to their senses and figured out that we have to be discerning in all things-especially in this day and age, where deception can reach the four corners of the world in a literal heartbeat. And Christians have got to quit shooting arrows at the watchers on the wall who are blowing the shofar to notify the general population of incoming scud missiles, full of more demonic bait for the unsuspecting and naïve.