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Meals for kids

kids love it
kids love it

Do you ever find yourself having issues deciding what to make for meals for your kids? So many kids are picky or parents have more then one child and they don't all want the same meals. What do you do? Do you make them each their own meals? Do you say.. this is what we are eating... Do you rely on ideas others have as well as your own. Facebook is a wonderful tool for finding others who have the same problems and wonderings. Pinterest is also a very good tool, however it can be confusing until you learn how to use it.
Sometimes meals can be more of a hassle then it's worth. Do they "need" veggies today, do they need to eat the same meals, or should I just say.. this is lunch, eat it. Most moms do it as one meal, some moms do seperate meals. Plus now a lot of kids have allergies so you have to put that into perspective also. So, where are some places you find good meals for your children? Do you ask your friends, take pictures of their food to give others ideas? Do you enjoy talking to others about this, do you like to cut up veggies and fruits or perfer chicken nuggets and mac and cheese? Both ways are perfect as long as your kids are eating and mommy is happy as well. So, share where you find your ideas from in the comment section and help out other mommas who may be stumped at any given time for food ideas. Also, feel free to check out a few facebook pages like this one
for ideas.