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Meal Planning is as easy as choosing your approach

Meal planning makes grocery shopping easier.
Meal planning makes grocery shopping easier.
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  • Lori 6 years ago

    Thanks Pam! Since I've started meal planning I've done just dinners for the week based on what's on sale in the local grocery store ad. I then buy various breakfast and lunch items that are also on sale. So far this seems to be working. I love your ideas of using 1 cookbook a week, 1 meatless meal a week and 1 soup a week. Thanks for the great suggestions!

  • Esther 6 years ago

    Thanks for the shout out! I definitely wouldn't be saving as much on groceries as I do if I didn't menu plan. The best part of menu planning is that I don't have that "What are we having for dinner" feeling every night!

  • Megan 6 years ago

    Thanks Pam! I love my monthly system. I believe it saves me SO much money. It allows me to do more bulk shopping and it allows me to stock up on things when I see a good deal. I have a blank menu that I just work on whenever I get a minute throughout the month or I see/read/hear about a good recipe, so it isn't ever
    overwhelming either. So, I have 1 big 'ole shopping trip a month and a few very mini trips (for produce and milk). It is AWESOME.

  • Megan 6 years ago

    You rotate chili and spaghetti, we rotate homemade pizza and tacos;-) It is our Friday night meal that the kids really look forward to.

  • Angie 6 years ago

    Great article, Pam! I use a different approach: I have a standard generic weekly menu that I change as needed. For instance, Tuesday night is chicken night--it could be soup, casserole, roast, whatever, but it's always chicken. Some weeks I choose the recipes for each day before I shop, some days I just pull the meat out of the freezer and wing it with what I have on hand. And if I don't make pizza on Friday nights, the sky falls (so my kids think).

  • Pam, Bismarck Budget Meal Examiner 6 years ago

    I love hearing everyone's meal planning approaches. It helps me figure out what I will be like when I grow up!

    In the meanwhile, I never did get my plan made for this week, though I forsee popcorn for dinner at least one night as we will have key players away during dinner time! Tonight I invented a new recipe and I'll post it is a skillet meal take-off on my Italian Wedding soup and it was FABULOUS!

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