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Meadowlark Golf Course has a par 5 on the front side

Landscaping around this yardage sign is interesting.
Landscaping around this yardage sign is interesting.
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Meadowlark Golf Course is a Forest Preserve Golf, nine holes golf course, so it only has one side—the front side. This course actually has two, par five holes on the front side—the third and the sixth. This article is about the third. (Meadowlark Golf Course is at 11599 31st Street, Hinsdale, Ill.)

The third hole’s, average distance to the putting green from the Blue teeing ground is 465 yards. Four hundred forty-five yards is the average distance from the White teeing ground. From the front, Red teeing ground, the average distance is 405 yards. This hole’s course handicap is #1, making it the most difficult hole on this course.

The third hole’s fairway points southwest, and then south-southeast. Using these facts, you can surmise that it is has a left dogleg. This dogleg begins at approximately 150 yards from the rear teeing ground, so golfers playing from this teeing ground should drive with 4-irons, 5-irons or 6-irons so as not to fly over the dogleg angle and into the rough. Second shots of at least 200 yards that land in the fairway’s middle will put golfers in excellent position to reach the putting green with their third shots.

The fairway is wide. Properly mown, there will be slightly higher grass at where the dogleg begins, which is between the first fairway section and the second fairway section. Trees are on both sides, but there are more trees on the right than there are on the left. All trees have medium heights. Neither the first or second, fairway sections have sand bunkers or water hazards.

The putting green has an oval shape. (Its width is slightly longer than its length.) It may be one-two feet above the fairway’s level. Golfers should expect sharp angles to challenge their putting. This green may slope downward, rear to front.