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me smooth hair removal device adds some new bells and whistles @SyneronBeauty

the me smooth now has new attachments to help make hair removal easier and fasters
the me smooth now has new attachments to help make hair removal easier and fasters

A while back I reviewed an amazing hair removal device called the Me Smooth in this column This remarkable proeuct, but Syneron Beauty Inc., a subsidiary of Syneron Medical Ltd., is an at-home hair removal system system powered by patented elōs technology, which combines Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) energies to selectively target hair follicles and deliver heat deep into the dermis of the skin (FYI: the connective tissue layer of the skin located below the epidermis, containing nerve endings, sweat and sebaceous glands, and blood and lymph vessels). By doing this, it inhibits hair growth. Legs can be treated in as little as ten minutes, your bikini zone in two minutes, and your armpits in just 60 seconds! The treatments are fast and easy, and most importantly, effective and safe on all skin tones from fair to dark. At the launch event, a lot of emphasis was put on the fact that people with deep skin tones have had issues with pulsed light in the past, because some devices have caused de-pigmentation of the skin deeper skin. The mē smooth could really be a boon for this particular population, because it is the first at-home device to be FDA cleared as safe and effective to treat all skin tones —and in just 7 weeks! ,

me smooth

For those with light skin and hair (and this columnist fits that description), the treatment is actually more challenging, but my personal experience with the product was a good one. I did see a reduction in hair growth and in how fast it grew back as long as I continued to use it regularly, but like most things, I got distracted, traveled a lot, and simply stopped using it. That is not the fault of the machine, of course. When I received the new attachments, which I'll be telling you about in literally, seconds, I fired up the machine again, and once again, was surprised and delighted with the results.

I have been chatting up this incredible device ever since I saw it demonstrated months ago. Some technology is really magical. Me smooth is simply amazing!

At the time I wrote my initial review in May 2013 (read the original examiner.coml review for detailed information about Me Smooth and how to use it) , the device hadn't been cleared for use on the face. But in the last couple of months, there have been exciting new developments! The device is now clinically proven effective on the widest range of hair colors and has been approved for use on the face. And now, there are some attachments including a precision applicator that let you to treat small, targeted areas, and there's also an epilator to optimize treatment on light hair.

For women who have to wax, pluck or pull annoying facial hairs, the news that the same effective device that they can use on the rest of their body can also be used to reduce and remove facial hair, is welcome use. Clinical investigator, Dr. Jerome M. Garden, MD, Professor of Clinical Dermatology at Northwestern University and Director of Physicians, Laser & Dermatology Institute in Chicago states: "During the clinical trials, the mē smooth hair removal device demonstrated a high safety and efficacy profile for facial treatments. There was no increased risk with use of the device on the face compared to other body sites. Hair reduction was very favorable with completion of the treatment protocol, demonstrating a real value in using of the mē device for facial hair removal on all skin types." A new Precision Adaptor accessory for the system allows for targeted treatments, enabling consumers to easily spot treat small areas on their face around moles and lips as well as any hard to treat areas on the body.

Another improvement to the mē smooth system has to do with the preparation of the skin. Previously, you had to remove the hair from the area you were planning to treat (e.g. by shaving it) before using the mē smooth to ensure that the device had the closest connection to the skin as possible. Now, there are two new attachments, a shaver and a mē Epilator, that enable you to remove the hair from the surface of the skin you want to treat, as you are treating it. The new attachments slip on and off with ease, and are activated with a button on the top panel of the device itself called "epilator/shaver." The precision adaptor accessory doesn't have any moving parts, it just has a smaller window to concentrate the light pulses and works just like the original mē smooth head does.

Alas, the Shaver is designed to prepare the skin for dark haired users, while the device’s new Epilator attachment prepares the skin for fair-haired people to help optimize their results. For some, epilators range from mildly irritating to quite painful, so if you have sensitive skin and a low threshold for epilation, this attachment night not be the bonus you've been waiting for. On areas such as legs, where there is some "padding" it isn't uncomfortable, but I can see where some might find it a problem in more sensitive areas. However, the convenience of the all in one hair removal/treatment option that makes the entire process faster and more great, it is just unfortunate that the fair-haired/skinned people got stuck with the epilator, not the shaver. You can still use the me smooth without the new attachment, simply by shaving, first.

Should you wish to purchase the new "bels & whistles" for the devices they are:

NEW Precision Adaptor Accessory ($50): Makes it easy to treat small areas or areas that require precise targeting
NEW Epilator Accessory ($50): Recommended for fair-haired individuals to prepare their skin and optimize treatments
Shaver Accessory ($50): Recommended for medium to dark-haired individuals to prepare their skin for treatment

The cost of the actual mē smooth device retails is $395.00 and an elōs Replacement Cartridge is available separately for $50.00. Each of the elos cartridges give you up to 6,000 pulses, which seems like a lot, until you realize how much area you have to cover on body parts like legs, to get results. But in-salon hair removal is a lot more, and you don’t get to do it in the privacy, convenience and comfort of your own home. Also, you can share the unit (just get different elos heads for your friends/family) so that brings the cost down. And, of course, you get to keep it. The mē smooth is one of those "modern miracles" that if you can afford it, can really make life easier. Now, with the new features, it's even better.

mē smooth is available at prestige beauty retailers including Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's and Neiman Marcus, Space NK and Ulta Stores. You can also visit and QVC

ABOUT SYNERON BEAUTY; Syneron Beauty is a pioneer in the design, development and distribution of energy-based consumer aesthetic products. The Company's products are based on clinically proven technologies derived from the professional medical aesthetic device market, enabling patients to achieve professional-like results in an at-home setting. Syneron Beauty currently markets the me™ brand of home-use hair removal systems, the Pearl™ family of teeth whitening products and the Tanda™ family of home-use light therapy products. Syneron Beauty is based in New York and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Syneron Medical Ltd. (NASDAQ: ELOS).

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