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Me and you - what's it really mean?



Sometimes, if you're in just the right mood, small things can seem profound. 

Like the fragrance of a Linden tree around the 4th of July - it just stands there and perfumes the air with a fragrance that can only belong to a Linden tree. 

There's no confusion.  It's not the sweetness of an apple tree in spring, or the blanketing aroma of lilacs. It's the unique aromatic joy of a Linden tree.  An object lesson from nature: be who you are.  Don't try to be a lilac bush if you're really a Linden tree.  The nose knows.

Another small vignette from ordinary life.  It's just a phrase, heard bazillions of times a day; "me and you".  Remembering tips for grammatic correctness, the words "put the other person first" come  floating out of the long ago. 

Put the other person first.

How profound. What if that were really the rule we lived by? Would our grammar reflect that priority?  Does the placement of "me" as first mention reflect a national tendency toward adolescent narcissism that we seem slow to outgrow?

A blame game could interject itself here about education, and/or parents, and/or ... but this is just a small musing that happened to make itself known during just the right mood.


  • JoAnn 5 years ago

    Good food for thought - - wish more folks would think about putting the other guy first or do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

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