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MDRV Battle of the Freshies

On Sunday February 16, 2014 the Mason Dixon Roller Vixens(MDRV) hosted the Battle of the Freshies at Turners Skate Palace in Hagerstown, Maryland. This tournament is designed specifically to give bouting experience to skaters who are relatively new to the sport of roller derby. Requirements for skaters include limited bouting experience, three bouts or less, since passing their WFTDA minimum skills assessments. This year, the Battle of the Freshies tournament included four 30 minute bouts between four teams. These teams were made up of rosters of fourteen “fresh meat” skaters. Several members of the Dutchland Derby Rollers Crush team participated in this tournament.

Harper’s Fury: “I had the best time at BOTF! I played on the Sweaty Bettie's (White) team, who ultimately won the while event! Mya played with Blue who we played against for first place, Vetta and Phorplay played with green and Baba and Holla played with grey (you'll have to get their team names from them because I can't remember them all). I was also recognized as MVP for my team following the most fun/intense/nail biting jam I've been a part of to date! This was a great event to meet other new skaters, play with and against current Crush members, and expand our derby breadth of knowledge, experience, and strategy.”

Ba Ba Bootey: “Holla and I were on team grey aka #teamnope with Coach Scruff and Isis. I had a blast. It was great meeting everyone from different leagues. MDRV did a fab job with the event. It was beautifully executed.”

Sleepy Holla: “Being part of a team of women I've never skated with before in my life was a little intimidating at first. However, I felt alright knowing some of the girls had just passed WFTDA assessments. I was even nervous warming up! But when I got out on the track everything else disappeared, including my nervousness. I had a blast skating with my team and feel Dutchland does an amazing job of preparing their members for bouts. Having other league mates there cheering us on was awesome as well. Dutchland was pointed out several times for their support and cheering on of their teammates. It makes the league look just as great as it really is.”

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