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McKenna Wins Now What's Next

Dr. George McKenna speaks to a group of community residents/supporters
Dr. George McKenna speaks to a group of community residents/supporters
Tony Hicks

Dr. George McKenna has been elected to the Los Angeles Unified School Board District 1 seat. The Tuesday, August 12th run-off election between McKenna and opponent Alex Johnson still needs to go through the official process of being certified. Keep reading to learn more about how it works. Most people don’t know how the “entire election process” works. But elections are regulated by laws/rules called election codes. These rules must be completed prior to a candidate being officially declared the winner. For example in this election:

· Aug. 13th an official canvassing will start - which includes a tally of all vote-by-mail (VBM) and provisional ballots, and a comprehensive audit will take place.

· Aug. 14th a legally required manual count of 1% of ALL PRECINCTS will be performed to check against tabulation equipment.

· Aug. 15th an inspection of provisional ballots will commence at 1:00 p.m.

· Sept. 2nd – on or before this date a final certification will take place.

The official canvassing process is open to the public, media, and candidates. The location for these activities will take place at Piper Technical Center, (Space 375) 555 Ramirez St., Los Angeles, CA. 90012.

McKenna garnered 53% of the vote while Johnson received 47%. With only two people on the ballot for this special run-off election it was expected to be a low turnout. To that point…. only 23,366 ballots were cast out of 342,000 registered voters (8 %).

Johnson backed by his boss Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas outspent McKenna 5 to 1. Johnson brought in $442,000 in campaign contributions, and another $849,000 in independent expenditures, according to current filings. McKenna’s campaign was only able to raise a fraction of his opponent’s donations – however he relied heavily on his name recognition, and support from the community. Some close to the McKenna campaign said “that much of Johnson’s contributions came from big charter school supporters, and wealthy outside interest individuals/groups, Johnson’s campaign also used smear tactics to dis-credit McKenna during the run-off election.” In addition to the hundreds of thousands of dollars generated to support both campaigns – it will cost LAUSD $1.8 million of its own budget.

This writer advocates for and supports parents who want the best education for their child…..regardless of which school model they choose to provide that education. And in this election the majority of voters felt that George McKenna was the best candidate for the job!

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