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McKayla Maroney nude pictures being removed from Reddit; athlete was underage

McKayla Maroney
Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

McKayla Maroney and her Olympic pals aren't letting a few naked pictures get in the way of their confidence. The pictures of McKayla Maroney nude are allegedly fake and the athlete has come out to debunk the authenticity, but even though the images aren't real it appears Reddit is starting to remove them from the message boards. According to FOX News on Tuesday the social media site gave notice that McKayla Maroney nude pictures would be removed.

One of the few stars who haven’t commented much about the scandal, it appears that the idea of having naked McKayla Maroney pictures was so far-fetched that the star didn’t worry about it. With the storm on social media about the incident, the athlete had to weigh in. According to TMZ, she hasn't revealed too much information about the situation on Twitter, but her Olympic pals have stepped up to support her.

The McKayla Maroney nude pictures are allegedly fake, but that hasn't stopped the web from sharing. Being that she is under age, law requires that the images be removed. It appears that acknowledging the pictures were fake might have increased the swapping as it seemed harmless than if the images were real. So far no one has stepped up to claim responsibility for hacking or leaking nude pictures of Hollywood’s most beautiful entertainers.

Reddit stopping the sharing of the images surrounding McKayla Maroney is a step in the right direction, but there I more to be done to stop the images from being seen. And the hacker needs to be found and arrested too.

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