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Mcgraw and Hill split: Rumors surround country music's biggest couple

Have McGraw and Hill split? New tabloid reports about a divorce for country music's biggest couple have surfaced. However, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are not headed to divorce court. This is not the first time trouble has been rumored for the couple. Six months ago, the tabloids released the very same report with the same dollar amount for the divorce attached to it. It was reported by Star Magazine and others that the couple would be involved in a $135 million dollar divorce battle. However, Gossip Cop reported on June 4 that the tabloid reports are once again false.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are still very happily together. A representative for the couple also denied the new batch of rumors surrounding the couple. Why did the tabloids make these new reports? Faith and Tim are trying to sell off their home in Tennessee. However, they are having trouble selling it off, according to Enstarz. The tabloid reports latched onto the home sale as a sign of trouble for the couple. However, the couple put this home on the market back in 2009.

The couple has been trying to sell it since that time, but no one has bought the property. They originally purchased the home back in 2004. Faith and Tim now live in another home in Nashville, and they are still very much trying to sell off their former property. The asking price for the home might be the issue. Faith and Tim are asking for $20 million for the six bedroom home located in Franklin.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have both denied the reports of trouble for their marriage. Back in November when the last set of tabloid reports, Faith revealed that the couple was happy together. According to The Stir, she said that she didn't know why "happy can’t be a story." Happy doesn't sell tabloids though.

The couple recently performed a new duet that will be featured on Tim's next album at the ACM Awards, and they will likely perform the song together again on stage before the album drops in September. The album is titled "Sundown Heaven Town." Faith and Tim duet on the single "Meanwhile Back at Mama's."

This is not the first duet for the couple, and it is likely not the last. The couple has been working together on various projects for the last 10 years. Tim said the following about performing with his wife, according to Enstarz: "I always tell everyone, ever time I have to sing with her. It's like a NASCAR running with a Formula One...I can't keep up."

It is clear that there is not any trouble at home for Faith and Tim. They quickly denied the last round of divorce rumors, and their representative quickly handled this latest round of reports. This Nashville couple is happy with three daughters, and they are living a good life it seems. It isn't clear why the press keeps trying to make up stories about this couple. With Star Magazine recycling an old story they first released in December, it is obvious they are having trouble finding real things to report on.

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