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McGill Symposium and Exhibit on Animal Law this week

On 7 March 2010, Switzerland voted against creating public lawyers for animals. Around 70% of voters in the referendum rejected the proposal, arguing that current welfare laws are good enough and that the economic burden would be too heavy. The proposal would have created state-funded animal welfare lawyers in every canton to defend companion and farm animals in a court of law.

There is, however, already one public animal lawyer in Switzerland, the first in the world. His name is Antoine Goetschel and he will be in Montreal this week for We Animals, a McGill University Faculty of Law Symposium and Exhibit on Animal Law.

The symposium, hosted by the McGill University chapter of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund in association with local groups, offers several events throughout the week, including a talk by Goetschel, a panel of international experts on animal law, and a vernissage/reception for the We Animals photography exhibit by Jo-Anne MacArthur.

MacArthur, a native of Toronto, has travelled around the world to photograph people, events, news stories and much more. We Animals captures, in the artist's words, 'animals in the human environment'. The images are revealing and striking.

For full details of what promises to be a unique and educational event, please visit the event website. All proceeds to go to the Montreal SPCA, Fauna Foundation and Animal Legal Defense Fund.

McGill Symposium and Exhibit on Animal Law
8-11 March 2010
McGill Faculty of Law
3644 rue Peel