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McDonalds closes restaurants in Crimea

McDonalds closes Crimean restaurants

McDonald’s has closed its restaurants in Crimea. Reportedly, a prominent Moscow politician called for all McDonald’s restaurants to be shut down in Russia, according to a Yahoo! News report on Friday.

As it is not yet known how the annexation of Crimea to Russia – not recognized by Ukraine and the West including the United States – will impact business in the region, companies with assets in the area are obviously concerned.

McDonald’s announcement on Friday did not mention the ongoing political debate over the annexation of Crimea, but it is quite obvious that the confrontation between the United States – the West – and Russia is what the business move is all about.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s stated that due to operational reasons beyond our control, McDonald’s has taken the decision to temporarily close our three restaurants in Simferopol, Sevastopol and Yalta. The McDonald’s restaurants in Crimea are owned and operated by McDonald’s and are not franchises.

This business announcement follows the Universal Postal Deutsche Post’s decision to no longer accept letters that are headed for Crimea because delivery to the region is not guaranteed at this time.