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McDonald's worker fired: McDonald's worker pays firefighters' tab, gets fired

A McDonald's worker was fired from an establishment in New York after she paid for the meals of firefighters that came into the eatery for a bite after fighting a fire nearby. On Feb. 19, Mail Online reported that 23-year-old Heather Levia was fired after she spent $83 of her own money paying for the meals for the firefighters.

Levia paid for one group of firefighters that came in but when another group came in later that day, she didn't have enough cash to pay their tab. She called her supervisor and the cooperate offices -- knowing that McDonald's would sometimes pay for local police officers. However, Levia was told that the meals couldn't be covered. So she and two co-workers decided to pool their money together and take care of it.

The McDonald's worker was fired the next day -- only her and not the other two who contributed. Her boss claimed that she swore at him but she says that she said "this is freakin' ridiculous." And now people are lashing out against the McDonald's location, wondering why Levia was fired when she was only trying to do something kind. She had worked for the company for eight years.

"I wish the communities would change and help each other out... And if losing my job is going to speak out to the community, then that’s what it’s going to do," said Levia, adding that she's already received several job offers.

Should McDonald's have fired the worker for footing the bill of the firefighters -- or for saying "freakin'"?

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