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McDonald's vs. Taco Bell: The breakfast battle is on with McDonald's free coffee

The breakfast battle between McDonald's and Taco bell is heating up, literally. On March 28, KATU reported that McDonald's has stepped up the competition between the two fast food icons over who offers the best breakfast.

On Thursday, Taco Bell launched their new morning menu. The breakfast items offered include a Waffle Taco, a few variations of the A.M. Crunch Wrap, breakfast burritos, grilled breakfast soft tacos, coffee and orange juice.

The Taco Bell ad campaign itself was a work of pure genius. The idea that "Ronald McDonald loves Taco Bell breakfast" was turned into a very memorable commercial where real life boys and men named Ronald McDonald tried the Taco Bell breakfast and declared that they love it.

In response to all the hoopla surround Taco Bell breakfast, McDonald's has started offering free coffee to their breakfast customers. From March 31 through April 13, McDonald's customers can stop in and ask for a free small coffee. No purchase is necessary but the largest fast food chain is hoping this promotion will help keep their customers from leaving for Taco Bell.

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