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McDonald's shows how Chicken McNuggets are made

McDonald’s, the world’s largest and best- known fast food chain, is ready to show the world how its Chicken McNuggets are really made, as reported by the Los Angeles Times on February 4, 2014.

McDonald's Chicken McNuggets

McDonalds’s Canada has produced a video showing how the controversial McNuggets are processed from start to finish. The purpose of the video is to educate the public and put to rest what McDonald’s feels is misinformation about its Chicken McNuggets and silence critics who claim the food is made from pink slime and countless chemical additives.

According to the video, McDonald’s starts with a whole chicken. The chicken is cut apart and only the breast meat is used for making McNuggets. Then, the chicken is placed in a grinder along with some seasoning and chicken skin for added flavor. Next, the chicken is formed into shapes, covered with batter, and deep fried. Finally, the Chicken McNuggets are frozen and packed into boxes for delivery. The video looks legitimate and McDonald’s is hoping it will dispel myths about the processing of its popular snack food.

This video is not the first time McDonald’s has created an educational piece demonstrating how its food is prepared. Some might recall that McDonald’s distributed a video in the past detailing the production of the iconic Big Mac. McDonald’s is hoping that the Chicken McNuggets video will put consumers’ minds at ease, but some parents and consumer organizations have already attacked the video as misleading at best and are quick to point out that it covers only one manufacturing plant in Canada. It may not be representative of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets production policy in all locations, critics argue, and some find it unusual that it took McDonald’s this long to respond. If the making of Chicken McNuggets is completely safe and sound, then why did McDonald’s wait until 2014 to make its case?

Budget- minded parents often find that a visit to McDonald’s fits in perfectly with family cash constraints and are tempted to visit the Golden Arches for that reason alone. This video could offer some relief to parents who worry about McDonald’s commitment to food safety, but it won’t be enough for others. Concerns about pink slime and over- processing of foods are still important and McDonald’s has a long, uphill battle to wage before it will convince the general public that its food is completely safe and fit for normal consumption.

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