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McDonald's Renovations

Will your next fast food dining venue look like this?
Will your next fast food dining venue look like this?

You've probably heard about it by now. It's coming your way. No, I'm not referring to the dolphin-dog hybrid so many of us dream of. Neither am I referencing the glorious arrival of an Ipad magic carpet app. I'm talking about the slick, reformed, hip McDonald's. As we speak, the golden-arched giant is doling out its budgeted 2.4 billion of renovations both interior and exterior. Changes will be taking place in 2,000 select international locations, (400 in America) and also will be in effect for all new constructs.

What will these changes entail? Plasma tvs, leather couches, free wi-fi internet access, live opera performed by unicorns, etc. Several snooty finance people are decrying the move as an abandonment of McDonald's loyal customer base, for seeking greener pastures away from the substance of simplicity that put the company on the map.

This is fool's talk. McDonald's isn't about to start charging $8 plus tip for a hand-delivered Big Mac. Granted there are some menu additions being implemented, but this shouldn't give loyalists cause for concern. Chicken McNuggets and happy meals aren't going anywhere. Why is it outrageous that I should enjoy my dollar menu McDouble and parfait lounging on leather seats, watching CNN in high def?

So McDonald's is adopting the Starbuck's model of aggressive expansion, offering a peaceful, sophisticated environment to hang out in. Absurd. The notion that competition would benefit the consumer-- whoever heard such nonsense! Next time you're just looking for a place to kill some time and kick back, maybe have a fruit and oatmeal, or a cappucino... why not the fast food mothership?

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