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McDonald's plane crash injures pilot: Plane clips trees, crashes upside down

McDonald's plane crash, pilot injured, he was the only one in the plane and no one was hurt at McDonald's.
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

McDonald's in Monroe, Louisiana was the site of a plane crash this week right before lunchtime at a normally busy restaurant. A pilot was testing out a a plane after it had just been in for repairs, but something went very wrong. The plane crashed at McDonald's with only a pilot on board and he was seriously injured.

Michael Ray Martin, 41, of Calhoun, Louisiana, was piloting the Beechcraft Bonanza airplane, he had it out for a test run after the repairs. He was doing some special maneuvers to test the craft when he first clipped the top of some trees before plummeting into the neighborhood McDonald's, according to NewsMax on June 3.

Manager of the Monroe Municipal Airport, Ron Phillips, said that the pilot "was flying patterns and ran into difficulty" when it "clipped several trees" and went into a spin before crashing at the fast-food restaurant. No one knows what happened, said Phillips, the plane was "a long way from the runway."

The pilot is a veteran pilot, who spends most of his time crop dusting over the fields of Illinois, but he flies back to Monroe occasionally for visits. The plane that Martin was piloting had been in for repairs since November in northeastern Louisiana.

According to and update from Web Pro News, the pilot was hospitalized for "moderate injuries," which included a broken leg from the crash. He was airlifted from the crash to a nearby hospital.

Witnesses report that the plane was flying along Balboa Street going east when the plane clipped a tree top. The plane crashed into the parking lot of McDonald's upside down after coming out of a spin. Thankfully no one on the ground was injured.

The Beechcraft Bonanza crashed at McDonald's a little before 11a.m., it is registered to WFO Flying Service out of Carmi, Illinois.

The National Transportation Safety Board is sending investigators out to the McDonald's crash site, but they didn't say whether it would be Tuesday or Wednesday that they'd arrive. The nearest NTSB office is in Dallas, so it will take some time for the investigators to get there.

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