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McDonald's offers to relocate employees from Crimea

McDonald's have closed their restaurants in Crimea.
McDonald's have closed their restaurants in Crimea.

McDonald's has closed their restaurants in Crimea. All three locations in Russian-controlled Crimea are no longer open. According to an April 4 report by the Washington Times, McDonald's is offering to relocate their employees and their employees' families in Ukraine.

In addition to relocating the employees and their families, they also offered to pay the relocation costs. McDonald's will “preserve” their positions and salaries in the McDonald's restaurants in Ukraine.

McDonald's offer to keep their position, salaries and pay for the relocation costs of the employees and their families is extended to all employees. Both hourly and salaried McDonald's employees will be able to continue working for McDonald's in Ukraine without having to worry about the cost of moving.

“Good for McDonald's,” Tanya Hutton, a mother of two from Oklahoma City, said. “It is great to see McDonald's offering to do something. More than Obama did. We may just have to eat at Mickey D's tonight.”

McDonald's stated that the reason for closing the three restaurants in Crimea was due to “manufacturing reasons.”

McDonald's is not the only company stopping services to Crimea after the peninsula was invaded by Russia. Universal Postal Deutsche Post has stopped delivery operations to Russian-controlled Crimea.

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