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McDonald's OD: Tamica Lynn Jeffers, Robert Paul Palmer overdose as kids play

A McDonald's OD led to charges for two adults, care needed for two children
A McDonald's OD led to charges for two adults, care needed for two children
Photo by Astro4477 via Flickr

A McDonald's overdose has led to two adults facing charges of child endangerment and two children needing care away from their caretakers. IndyStar shared the details regarding the McDonald's OD on March 13.

Tamica Lynn Jeffers and Robert Paul Palmer were found unresponsive at a Cincinnati McDonald's after overdosing on heroin. The two children with them, ages 5 and 8, were playing in the restaurant play yard at the time. The two admitted to authorities during the McDonald's OD investigation that they had used heroin as the kids played. When found, Jeffers, 33, was not breathing and was unconscious. Palmer, 37, was conscious but he was not responsive.

Both Jeffers and Palmer now face child endangering charges, and it would seem quite possible additional charges could come in to play as well. Jeffers is being held on $6,000 bond while Palmer is being held on $10,000 bond. Palmer appeared in court already and pleaded not guilty.

If Palmer is released, he is to stay away from the children. It is unclear whether he is the father of the children, as WLWT notes that the children do not share his last name. His relationship to them has not been detailed.

At this point it has not been shared who is caring for the children involved. Authorities have described the McDonald's OD as having been “life-threatening overdoses.” Luckily the children got out of the situation unharmed physically, though clearly they are in need of some serious support given the details involved.