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McDonald's OD: Couple near death from OD of heroin at playground watching kids

McDonald's OD: Couple OD's watching kids in their care playing at McDonald's playground.

A couple at McDonald’s OD on heroin while sitting in the indoor play area watching the two kids they brought with them play on the playground equipment. 911 was called when the two were found unconscious and unresponsive, with the woman not breathing at all, according to the Washington Post on March 13.

The Indiana couple got treatment on the scene and revived by rescuers. They were then transported to the hospital, surviving their OD. It was truly a life and death situation when the paramedics arrived. The couple had taken “life-threatening" overdoses of heroin said police.

The couple’s relationship to the children who were with them at McDonald’s is not known. Robert Paul Palmer, 37, was held on $10,000 bond and Tamica Lyn Jeffers, 33, was held on $6,000 bond.

Both face charges of child endangerment as they had a boy, 8, and a girl, 5, with them and in their care at the time they overdosed on the heroin.

Overdosing on drugs in a McDonald’s playground leaves the kids with a horrific image, but if they hadn’t OD’d in public they might not be alive today. If they had been at home with no one else around, they might have died without the paramedics being called.

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