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McDonald’s nuggets getting new taste in Japan

McDonald’s nuggets getting new taste in Japan
McDonald’s nuggets getting new taste in Japan
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

McDonald’s in Japan is now offering a new taste to their chicken nuggets amid the chicken meat scandal: tofu and fish nuggets, according to CNN on July 30, 2014. These tofu nuggets, or more specifically “Tofu Shinjo McNuggets”, are the counterpart of the Chicken McNugget but instead made from ingredients such as minced white fish, tofu and vegetables including edamame, onions, soy beans and carrots.

The tofu and fish nuggets are shaped just like the original chicken version, are deep-fried, and are also a golden-brown color. However, the Tofu Shinjo McNugget can be described as crispy on the outside and mushy on the inside. These nuggets happen to also be served with ginger dipping sauce and are a healthier alternative for they are lower in calories than the chicken nuggets.

The timing of the rolling out of this new non-chicken product seems, well, fishy. According to Foodbeast, McDonald's Japan said the tofu and fish nuggets were planned as part of McDonald's summer products, long before the China meat scandal broke, and the timing of their release, it’s assumed, was pure “luck.” Even so, the timing seems too coincidental.

The China meat scandal spoken of refers to last week’s video that surfaced in the Chinese media, which revealed shocking and hideous practices in a Shanghai food-processing factory that supplies ingredients to many international restaurant brands including McDonald's, Yum Brands and Starbucks. Such practices include processing meat that had fallen on the floor, finding that expired beef and chicken products were processed and repackaged with new expiration dates, and even workers saying that the meat smelled bad.

As a result of the scandal, McDonald’s pulled all chicken and other items from menus at several locations throughout China and Japan. These tofu nuggets are only available for a limited time, from July 30 to early September, and only in Japan.